Recording coupon from a bond

I am trying to record a coupon payment I receive every 6 months from owning bonds (regular bonds, not ETFs). Can you help me identify the transaction type? When I click the security it gives me option to buy/sell/dividend/tax/tax refund/stock split.

Dividend. Technically, it’s of course not a dividend, but that’s the general type “payment from a security”.

well, I didn’t want to do it it way since it has different tax rules… but I see, there is no other option
thanks a lot chirlu :slight_smile:

Maybe not too hard, adding another type of earning income. Exact same behavior that the dividend type, but as extra view in the income section?
Sounds not too bad imo.

Thanks for reply.
Yes, it is income related to the security (like dividend) but in stats overview is not a dividend and has different tax rate in my country than a dividend.
I understand that not too many people own bonds (bond ETFs are way more popular), but corporate bonds are quite popular way of investment so bond+coupon (or „other income“) seems like a fair feature for portfolio managment tool :slight_smile:

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it’s a fair point that corporate or treasury bonds are a valueable contribution for setting up a wider range of investments within a depot. There are many threads in this forum about integrating these asset group into PP. Since this job is not a nitty gritty work we still have to wait for the day X.

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I assume it depends that someone need to provide reliable information about handling of bonds and how to implement the different calculations against PP. If nobody is joining the developer section, it’s unrealistic to talk about a fixed time schedule.

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Thank you for your interesting statement. You are right, developing a new application for bonds need some kind of helping hands. I am sure that there are some users in this forum who have a good expertise and willingness to support a development of such a project. The only problem I have is that I don’t know anything on the administration rules and how to participate e.g. in the developer section which you mentioned.
Is there a documentation or something else where an interesting supporter can find adresses (URLs) or a guidance on what is required for any support one is prepared to perform? Is there a chance to see what is already available at the developing process for the Bond intergration task? Is there a coordinator nominated or is he not necessary?
Sorry for these questions, you see they come from somebody who is not familiar with the administraton process.

Bond is explained here:
Coupon is very well explained here (includes examples and video):

All securities or at least those classified as Bond (Taxonomy > Type of Security) should have an option to add Coupon… (right under Buy… and Sell… options, just like there is an option Dividend…, Taxes…, etc.). The window for Coupons is almost identical as for Dividend (only change is replacing the word „dividend“ twice by „coupon“).

In Performance Calculation > Earnings it should also list coupons. Under PC > Earnings by Account in the same section it should add Coupon column. In the other screens (Taxes, Fees) it should list coupons as well.

Still a newbie in Portfolio Performance so I don’t know where else it relates but surely in most stats.