Search doesn't find instrument

Hi there,

I would like to use this software, but I am not able to find any instruments. If I try to search ‘IWDA’, it doesn’t find required ETF and throws an error. Do you have any idea what’s wrong?

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Try EUNL or the German security ID: A0RPWH, or with the ISIN: IE00B4L5Y983.

Because the ETF has different symbols on different exchanges, it may not find all of them.

@rowschank does it mean that searching doesn’t work for Amsterdam exchange, but it works for German exchanges?

It normally does, but not from Portfolio Report. It however shows results from Yahoo Finance for listings on other exchanges, Euronext, etc., but there obviously seems to be an error as you can see. I can’t find any other exchange either. This isn’t usually the case.

However, if I create an empty instrument, put symbol as “IWDA.AS” and pull historical courses from Yahoo Finance, it works without trouble. I don’t know what the issue is.

In this particular case the prices should be same so you won’t have a problem.

Hello! I have this error since two days ago. I look for any stock and it doesn’t find any.

Long story short, PP is a mess when you change data provider.

Security identification is a poorly implemented kludge. PP ignores it’s a combination of the security code and the exchange. While the security code is consistent, the exchange codes varies by data provider. Even worse when it comes to names.

Proposals to improve this behaviour is welcome. Any idea how to allocate the security at different stock exchanges and/or data provider? Basically we have a 1 to n to n relationship as each data provider could independently assign stock exchange specific codes per security. The known symbol per security is changing stock exchange by stock exchange.

[Issue: Security code changes with data provider.]

PP design doesn’t follow proper database normalisation techniques:

  1. Security code
  2. Exchange code
  3. Exchange code used by data provider (if differs to Exchange code)
  4. Security code used by data provider - normally (??) combination of Security code and Exchange code used by data provider formed in url

>>> import yfinance as yf
>>> symbol = "BHP"
>>> exchange = "ASX"
>>> exchange_code = ".AX"
>>> stock = yf.Ticker(symbol + exchange_code)

eg (look at the link address):

I now realise this is the real issue causing url Bookmark Setting Parsed Incorrectly · Issue #2332 · buchen/portfolio · GitHub

PP has a fantastic community resolving issues like this. This topic does highlight non-german readers’ restricted understanding of how some features work with restricted access to documentation. Tags for Other languages would improve information accessibility.

Figure: GnuCash form showing Exchange (type) and Security code.

Somehow Google finance ticker loading is not available. It is also impossible to look up tickers for google finance loading problem. Does anybody know how to fix it?

Which version is installed? The Update from yesterday should fix it.