Stock-split and Merger

I would have a question regarding two particular issues that I am encoutering: Stock-split and Merger.

A stock that I own (stock-A) merged with a other one (stock-B) that I did not owned. I am wondering about the most apropriate way to implement that.
Option 1: Delete my buys of stock-A and add buys of stock-B at the same date, same total price as when I brought stock-A but correct the number of shares accordingly.
Option 2: Sell the shares of stock-A on the day of the merger and buy the ones of stock-B on the same date, while adjusting for little price difference.

Any suggestion?

So I used the option already included, which works nicely. I am also under the impression that the app, converted all the previous buy accordingly. Is that correct?

Dear elglanto,

there was a frequented discussion about merger and spin-off in this thread. Is it in German, though.

@Laura suggested to book the merger as sale of old stock and buy of new stock.

PP should have asked you during the split dialogues if you want to convert the old prices. In case you said „yes“ you are correct.

Stay safe and have fun

Thanks a lot, it was very helpful.