Taxonomy Calculations

I have taxonomy by Types of securities.
And in Performance page I can add a widget where Calculations are filtered by Type of securities (for example, for stock options). However, there are only summarized calculations, not by certain securities.
When I go to Calculation page, I can filter calculations only for accounts, but not for taxonomies… Why? Can it be fixed?

Hi @Darelas ,
In performance page, you can filter the data by taxonomies and by certain securities. Right click in the widget and find the data series as you want, by taxonomies, securities, incluid prvious filters that you had created.

In the calculation section, you can do the same action, in this case at the top right you can use the filter to view only the selected data.

I hope this help you.

I had no idea about that. Where do you find this stuff?

Hi @Arnau I can’t do the same action, on the Calculation page there isn’t filtering by taconomies, only by accounts :frowning:
There is a problem. If PP app can do this filtering on Performance page why it is not available on the Calculation page??

Right-click on the label: True Time-Weighted Rate of Return (cumulative). I can’t see taxonomies either, but I like it.

yes, you can… as you say, right click on the label, then select data series. Below of the accounts you can find the taxonomies:

You are right… i cannot made any filter… in the past, I can configure filters as you can see:

But now, I only can select accounts…

@Arnau Can you provide widget docs reference?

Sorry @flywire, I don’t know if any doc reference exist. Try to right-click on the lable, then select data series, and the list with all data will appear, incluiding taxonomies.