Understanding dividends in statement of assets view

I have couple a questions about this tab:

  1. Sum of dividends of 2 years and 3 years are equal: 8.62, but the percentage is different 3y (6.75%), 2y (6.28%). What can be the reason?
  2. Dividend from the first transaction is 6.75% and this is exactly 8.62$ based on the purchase value of 127.78, but… if we take into account just the last year the divi was 5.33$ which is 4.17% from the purchase value of 127.78, but percentage of dividend last year is 2.73%. What can be the reason?
  3. Some stocks shows sum of dividends that is not equal to the sum of dividends when open the transactions tab at the bottom. What can be the reason?
  4. What exactly is the ‘MA’ in ‘Div% (MA)’?
  5. What exactly is ‘Abs.perf’?


There can be various reasons. E.g. different payout dates or currency differences.

Show all dividend-specific items in the security views and narrow down the cause.

Abs.perf means Absolute Performace.

Best regards, Laura

I’ve set the global currency in PP in USD in advance, so the screenshot is in USD and the buy price is in USD, dividends are also in USD (there is no currency conversion).
This is the whole history of transactions (outbound transaction is just moving of the asset).
I cannot see the reason for this strange divided stats.


Without knowing the entire history of the investment, it is not possible to understand the calculation.

Firstly, please take a look at how a return calculation works in principle. In the next step, you then reproduce the calculation for your investment over time.

Your questions may then already be answered.

Cheers, Laura

But this is the entire history. Nothing complicated. How is supposed to know why there are such a strange calculations without digging in the source code? It only says: ‘dividend 2 years’ that is all.
I maybe know the answer of 1. but i am searching for confirmation because I am guessing.
However, It seems I need to figure it out on my own.


→ MA means Moving Average.

That is wrong. You are trading in USD, but your investment is a company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It can be assumed that currency conversions USD/BRL take place outside the sphere of PP but within the sphere of broker/exchange.

Cheers, Laura

My buy order is in USD, my dividends which I fill are in USD… PP currency is set to USD, cash account which is used to buy is in USD, I think it is not possible USD/BRL conversion to take place. This calculations are solely based on data entered which is in that case USD.

Hi tuseto,

Your second screenshot shows 2 transfers. In and out on the same day? What’s the reason for?

In your first Screenshot we can’t see your filter settings, and as we have no clear view on the complete history, it’s hard for us to tell you the root cause.

So for me there are currently two question marks: Transfer on the same day, and filter settings.

The amount of answers here proof the opposite :wink:


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I agree with @Sn1kk3r5. There are open questions that cannot be answered in this way.

I would write down the relevant data and do the calculation manually. For a period of two or three years with few bookings, this should not be a problem.

It is generally very unlikely that the error lies with PP. Why would PP calculate one data series correctly and not another?

If it is not clear where the problem lies, you should share all the data for the security in question over time in the forum so that an exact analysis can be made.

Cheers, Laura

Hello, Snickers
thanks for the encouragement :slight_smile:

Regarding the second screenshot transfers are due to transfer from one brokerage account to another, so for the first account it results in outbound and for the second one inbound.
Regarding the filter it is All stocks which includes all ‘Securities account’ which I have in PP.

Hello, Laura

I am not saying the problem is in PP. But if I can figure it out myself I wouldn’t write in the forum.

I clearly cannot get you what more info I can take in account for the pointed calculations. These are all transactions which represent date bought, dividends plus taxes and fees and amounts. Transfers are not relevant because they are just moving the stock from one account to another and does not have relation to the calculation. So basically there are 3 transactions, one buy and two dividends since the stock is bought. There are some configs or something else that I am missing out but the only way to understand it is just to rely on some guesses.

I reject the theory that the problem can be in the currency, because the overall dividend percentage (this for 3years or since the first date I’ve ever purchased a stock) is the right one.

It seems something is happening when time pass. And maybe there is some fundamental problem how I use PP or the percentage is right one and I just don’t know that it calculates something different and not what I expect.

Hi @tuseto

what did you do within PP after you managed the transfer from depot a—>b.
Did you delete the old depot and bank account?

If yes —> this is the rot cause of your issue.


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No, I am not deleting anything in PP, because I know that this action reflects the stats. I had to learn it the hard way, but now I am not deleting nothing.

Weird, the only thing left is sharing a copy of your xml file, in case you don’t mind. We don’t need the whole one but one which contains the corresponding bookings and holdings.



I don’t see any other possibility either.

Best Regards, Laura

I’ve deleted everything from PP except the stock and the data is still the same. Here is the file:
portfolio.xml (594.0 KB)
I think that I am missing what exactly this divi calculation represents.

Hi @tuseto

thanks for the example. It took me a little in order to understand the calculation model and the meaning of the columns.

So here is the thing:

Your first screenshot shows dividends against your purchase. Means, the higher the number here the higher your return of dividends equals your purchase.

Within the event view:

You do see the yield based on the price when the dividend was payed.

If it’s still unclear for you I can recommend going over this:

yield vs return

What I can recommend while you’re creating your views is… start playing around with easy to follow calculation. Over time you’ll figure out what you need, and what you see. Just create a copy of your portfolio to not waste your origin.


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Now I am completely lost :frowning:
Yes, I already know what is yield and return.
May be I am lacking english skills, but I don’t get it.

Your screenshot shows correct values but not based on the price when the divi was payed but based on the initial purchase price (purchase value).
3.29/127.78 = 2.57%
5.33/127.78 = 4.17%
a.k.a yield on cost which is for single dividend transaction

where is this event view? Umsaitze means sales, but I even don’t have it. This is what I have and it does not have dividends

Div%1year = sum of the dividend amount for 1year / initial purchase * 100
But on mine (upper part) it is 2.64%

Div%2year = sum of the dividend amount for 2years / initial purchase * 100
But on mine (upper part) it is 6.52%

Div%3year = sum of the dividend amount for 3years / initial purchase * 100
But on mine (upper part) it is 6.75% (which is correct)

This 3 calculations must be accumulated yield on cost. Last year you have 5.33 which should be 4.7%, year before that you have 5.33 + 3.29 which is 6.75% and so on. But the calculations don’t agree with me.

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Have you already carried out a plausibility check?

File /Plausibility Check

Cheers, Laura

Hi @tuseto,

You start here:


Then you mark your security.

And then Transactions:

What I can think of there is only one more different way: create a fake dividend of roughly 5 US$ per Share for today, and then use the same views in order to understand the view.