What is the difference if performance is calculated over security account or custom taxonomy?

In performance tab (calculations) when adding widget for IRR or TWROR you can pick up a data series. So I’ve picked for data series filter which includes my stock security account. Then I’ve added a new widget with data series from my taxonomy which includes exactly the same data as my security account (in my case Asset Classes - stocks) so both data series must have exactly the same outcome. But they don’t. If I set date picker in performance tab for a couple a days in both widgets IRR and TWROR are the same, but if I pick up a longer period then both IRR and TWROR are different for different data series no matter that in reality data series consist same instruments.
May be securities account data series show most accurate results but that means that you cannot use custom taxonomy data series.

Could someone explain me why there is such a behavior?
And is it supposed to use data series from taxonomies or it is completely wrong?

Till the 32-nd days ago everything seems ok
Screenshot 2023-01-15 at 13.25.02

And after 36-th days ago they become to differentiate more and more
Screenshot 2023-01-15 at 13.25.11

Taxonomy data series are always pre-tax. So you probably had a tax payment somewhere between 33 and 36 days ago.

Thanks for the reply.
I set the filter data series without tax and that fixed the 36-th day, but if I extend the period for 6 months they start to diverse again. May be it is because of fees ?

Screenshot 2023-01-15 at 15.51.53

You may have found a bug there. It seems that, in the pre-tax total portfolio but not the taxonomy data series, fees on inbound/outbound deliveries only are ignored. Other fees are treated correctly.

Hi chirlu,
should I write for this in GitHub repo and should I close this topic?
Not sure what is supposed from me to do :slight_smile:

Nothing further.

I believe I can fix the bug, but I currently can’t test it.

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