White borders/lines on logos

Hi Andreas, Chirlu and the rest of the team,
thanks for your amazing work, this app is the best there is.


Last update ruined the logos for me a little - as white borders / lines were added (was transparent or completely missing before) as I was using the Dark theme
Can you please check that in your next update ?

Thank you


Hi @Razy,

which operation system are you using?

It is not an intended change. Maybe through Java 17 or Eclipse 2022-12. On macOS, I do not see this issue. Can you maybe create a copy of your file - delete everything but the investment vehicles with the icons - and share it with portfolio dot performance dot help at gmail dot com?

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The thread is tagged windows.

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Hi @AndreasB

Thanks for the feedback, this is on Windows 11

File was sent few minutes ago.

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I have the same problems since the last update today, that transparent icons are white now. Im using Windows 11 as well. If you need any further information just tell me :slight_smile:



new for me on Windows 10 as well :slight_smile:


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Good evening everyone,

Were you able to reconstruct the error using @Razy’s sample file or are more sample data needed?

The problem occurs only in the dark mode of PP. Previously, in dark mode, the white color of the logos was automatically displayed dark after uploading the logo. If the logo is not 100% square, the white border will now appear. This is no longer the case and leads to these ugly representations of the logos.

No. It also occurs in normal mode. Although it’s not as noticeable as in dark mode I can clearly see the white background which used to be transparent by using png.

and the logos are cut off on the right side on Windows

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Used a png with 150x150 pixel.

Three years ago there was a thread about this topic, but trying to fix it didn’t work.
(just shifted the problem, see at github Fixes #2751)