White screen on MacOS MacBook Air M2


Until yesterday my Portfolio Performance was working perfectly on my MacBook Air M2. However since this morning when i launch PP, it remains a white screen. I can’t even open my portfolio.
Thanks in advance and best regards

Hi @handysize,
there is a similar case in the german speaking community → Installation auf MacBook Air M2 („leeres weißes Fenster“) - #18 by AndreasB

The only difference there, PP never started after installation.

You may like to run the terminal commands from the german thread and post the outcome here.

Maybe this will help to identify the root cause.


The problem: the user in the German thread reported that it “just” started to work. It is unclear what “fixed” the issue.

In your case, you can try in this order:

  • Reset the GUI (Help → Debug: Reset GUI) and restart
  • Delete the workspace directory and restart
    Delete ~/Library/Application Support/name.abuchen.portfolio.product/workspace
    In Finder, select Go to and then Go to folder...

If all this does not work, drop me an email at portfolio dot performance dot help at gmail dot com and I will share a test build that I had prepared for the other user.


Thanks for your help

“reset the GUI”
In the application?
I have no access to the help.
Checked this ;
" ~/Library/Application Support/name.abuchen.portfolio.product/workspace"
But i do not have the folder in “application support”

I’m checking this post now

i had the same problem. Blank screen after starting PP.
But the upper menu bar was still accessible.
So “Reset the GUI (Help → Debug: Reset GUI) and restart” was possible and fixed the problem so far.
Thanks for your Help.



Updated to 0.68.3, it was still blank however i have been able to reset GUI
Now back to normal
Thanks for your help