Why is Filter needed instead of Data Series for the widget "Monthly Earnings"

I have created multiple columns on the Performance tab, to have per P2P platform some indicators showing. I notice that many widgets can be linked to Data Series, but „Monthly Earnings“ requires a Filter to be created. Why is a Filter needed, as selecting a Data Series is easier?

Because a data series require an 1 to 1, but while it’s possible that an user have a shared account for several security account the use need to configure the required account which is not possible w/ series.

Hi Ragas, thanks for the answer, but I still dont understand why in the filter I then have the option to select the different accounts. I understand that I can select multiple accounts in 1 filter, but I can also select a single one, which would then be the same as selecting the DataSeries for that account, isnt it?

Well, data series is a 1 to 1 relation and the filter is 1 to n which is essential for those users with several security accounts w/ one account or would like to accumulate the figures upon his needs. This flexibility is impossible w/ data series.