Wrong dates when exporting security transactions as CSV

I don’t know how to reproduce it, but with the latest version (0.58.5 Jun 2022) I have noticed that the export messes up the dates apparently in a random fashion. Transactions that in PP appear to have the correct date, have a completely wrong one in the csv file.

Re-exporting seems to work, but in this way I always have to check whether it is correct. It would be great if you could have a look.

If you have one such “messed up” file, can you share?

And how do you start the export? From the menu? From the toolbar?

Anything that can help me isolate the problem a little bit further is good.

Sure, how can I send it to you?

From the security accounts tab, then I click on transactions, and then on the button to export as CSV.

Send it to portfolio dot performance dot help at gmail dot com

And let me know what the expected dates as well

Just sent. I think the problem is that it’s getting the corresponding date (in terms of entries) from another account, and mixing them up. Possibly because these different security accounts share the same name (they are all named IBKR something).

Any news on this?

Seems to me that the CSV export out of “All entries” via top right button works, but if you choose to export from an account (£with the button the error still persist, it looks like it’s randomly messing up dates (current PP v0.59.1)

We need a sample file to reproduce this to fix the error.


Just tried and found our, that when I export it again the dates seem correct now - same as described above if you export once more it’s correct. Any idea to reproduce it?

Just in case it helps, the dates are not chosen at random, but taken from other accounts. Say, you export account A, and then the first entry takes the date from the first entry of account B and so on.