best way to register currency movement between USD and EUR??

I have a broker where I have a multi-valuta account. So I place EUR in the account then convert to USD to purchase US stocks. The stocks pay dividends in USD.
There are plenty of times where I switch the USD dividend back to EUR.

Question is:
What is the best way to register those currency transactions: convert received USD dividend ->EUR and back again when I’m ready to purchase another stock in USD?

Do I just create a two deposit accounts, one with EUR+one with USD and “transfer” money between my EUR deposit account and USD Account or is there a better/preferred way of doing this?
Thank you for reading!

Creating deposit accounts in multiple currencies should reflect reality quite well. I would suggest this solution.
Do you see any disadvantage?

Hi Tomas,
Only problem I can see is when transferring money between deposit accounts you cannot enter any costs. (changing from EUR<->USD) costs money but I believe you can, after moving funds, just add a “Fee” entry where you specify the costs for exchanging USD for EUR or v.v.
Don’t see any other issues just wondering if Portfolio Performance keeps track of the results you make doing these currency swaps (so I can see what my results are and if I should continue doing these swaps :slight_smile: )

I have basically the same question and comments of Pecunia. I have the case in DeGiro, where I first had to buy USD (with some fees) and separately buy USD shares. Having 2 separate Deposit accounts, transfer in between and add exchange fees separately feels a bit clunky.
Many thanks.
Guido Kok