Repeated Fees calculation in Performance

Hi Everyone,
I have a question regarding to track the currency between USD and EUR. I add the “Fees” of a transaction in USD currency with a right-click on the EUR deposit account, as mentioned in previous two discussions (one and two).
I will try to explain the problem as follows:
Say that I have two Deposit accounts of USD and EUR and I have two different Securities Accounts (Account 1 and Account 2) which I wish to monitor separately. I want to buy a Security X in USD currency. And some transactions of Security X will be assigned to Account 1 and some to Account 2.
The problem is that when I have one transaction of X using USD Deposit account. And I’d like to assign this transaction to Security Account 2. The cost fee is EUR so I will create a ‘Fee’ with Deposit EUR account as Pecunia mentioned in the answer. However, this registered ‘Fee’ can’t be assigned to Security Account 2. Instead it belongs to the Deposit EUR account. So it will then show in Performance calculation of both Security Account 1 and Account 2, although for this case the cost should be in Account 2 only. This makes performance of Account 1 and 2 not correct anymore as it includes fees repeatedly.
Does anyone have solution to this? Let me know if further clarification needed. Thanks a lot!