Fees and interest charges in total return

Dear all,

Since this is my first post here, first I would like thanks all the contributors to this wonderful application that is making my investing life much simpler.

For my main brokerage account, I have to transfer from my base currency to another one when I want to buy a security in the other currency. To take that into account, I used the solution suggested there. It works quite well and I assume that it is still the best way to do it, is it?

However, I have to pay some fees when I change currency. To take that into account, I can use the Fees with a right-click on the deposit account. However, I was wondering if those fees are taken into account when the total returns of the full portfolio are calculated.

Finally, I would have the same question regarding the Interest Charge, which I assume are the interest paid when on margin.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Hi elglanto,

fees are always included in the return calculations, as well as interests (regardless of sign). Only taxes are „linked“ to the deposit account, so for tax evaluations these must be included in any filters you apply.

As to the currency issue, if you have different sub-accounts for different currencies, then I would suggest the solution you posted. If not it may be sufficient to just create the security in the other currency. Then you have input fields for exchange rate, fees, and taxes for both your currency and the security currency. So you can insert the exchange fees and any brokerage fees there.

Thanks a lot for your answer. I did it like that and it works nicely.