Fehlübersetzung in Niederländisch

Hallo @Arthur_Bueno
hier ein Anleitungs-Video… ohne Ton!



I’m also interested into contributing. My native language is Dutch (Belgian). Maybe we can join forces?

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Yeah, sure… it’s open source…

danke Alex, ich verstehe gut wie man sich irgendwo einloggt. Der Punkt ist, dass nach dem Einloggen absolut nichts zu tun ist. Es gibt anscheinend “Projekte”, aber ich kann keines davon sehen. Ich sehe kein weg etwas zu posten, es gibt keine Spur von jemand anderem im Forum.

Deze pagina

Hi, yes we can do that, although I don’t have many complaints about the current translation, just some minor errors…

Hello @Arthur_Bueno

I hope you can actively support us to correct the spelling and errors in your local language.

Ik hoop dat u ons actief kunt ondersteunen om de spelling en fouten in uw lokale taal te corrigeren. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you Nirus, I know how to select a language. Why don’t you try it yourself: click the Dutch flag, and then tell me what next step there is to take.

Thanks but sorry I don’t have time for that right now. My conclusion is that nobody is working on a Dutch Translation of Portfolio Performance. I just wanted to make a small suggestion, not to start a project in an area where I appear to be the first.

That’s very unfortunate that you think that way.
If you look closely at the video in my post above, you can see that I click with the mouse on the respective flag and then edit the translations.

Too bad too bad too bad… again wasted life time, started a TeamsMeeting for nothing, waited at the PC to then get such an answer.

I will make one last attempt, then this topic is finished for me.
I have attached the *.csv file as an export here with your desired language. You can edit this in Excel and then mail it to portfolio dot performance dot help at gmail dot com.

Portfolio_Performance_Dutch.txt (221,9 KB) <— RENAME THE FILE from *.txt to *.csv

You convinced me, I much apologize for fhe lifetime spent, but it’s not in vain. I now actually clicked the flag myself, and saw all sorts of wonderful things, like great translation errors where ‘security’ was translated as ‘beveiliging’. Real poetic beauties, like:

  • Select the security. The extracted prices will be added to this security.
    Selecteer de beveiliging. De gewonnen prijzen worden toegevoegd aan deze beveiliging.
    Revert to German:
    Sicherheit auswählen. Die gewonnenen Preise werden diesem Schutz hinzugerechnet.

Okay, I will spend some lifetime to work a bit more sense into it.

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Just one thing, what happens after I make a correction, I assume it will be checked by someone before it’s applied in the software?

Yeah, some translations are by software, and it is not surprising that they are very bad, especially since the translation engine isn’t given any context. The rationale is “bad translations are still better than having no translations for some strings, and therefore a mixed-language UI”. So it would be great to have, for each language, someone who looks over the strings and fixes the most obvious errors at least; and editing the strings directly is preferable over just reporting in the hope that someone else may, perhaps, do an update based on the report.

I’m not sure whether there is some kind of review queue, or a view of recent changes that another Dutch user can cross-check. But at some point, it will go directly into PP; there is no other authority for all those languages.


I’ll do my best. Not immediately, but shortly. Happy to be of help.


That would be great…!
We need users like you to make the program better!
Also @buchen will be happy about it!

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By the way, since most of the developers are native speakers of German, the German strings are often the most correct and idiomatic. The English translations are done by humans at least, but may be wrong or misleading as well.

Thank you. When I open PO editor it shows me all originals in English. It’s fine for me to translate directly from German. How can I make it show me the German texts?

Ah, so if I see a text that seems suspect in English, how can I easily find the original German?

messages_de.properties.txt (85,6 KB)
messages_nl.properties.txt (82,1 KB)
stolen from the source https://github.com/buchen/portfolio/archive/refs/tags/0.62.0.zip

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thank you, I will check. The poeditor works well, but I’d like some more fuctionality like: filtering out all the edits I made myself, getting a quick overview of all my comments, doing an overall search/replace.
I wonder if the comments are actively read by anyone, find some old ones that point to mistakes in the English that haven’t been corrected since then.