Fehlübersetzung in Niederländisch

Ah, so if I see a text that seems suspect in English, how can I easily find the original German?

messages_de.properties.txt (85,6 KB)
messages_nl.properties.txt (82,1 KB)
stolen from the source https://github.com/buchen/portfolio/archive/refs/tags/0.62.0.zip

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thank you, I will check. The poeditor works well, but I’d like some more fuctionality like: filtering out all the edits I made myself, getting a quick overview of all my comments, doing an overall search/replace.
I wonder if the comments are actively read by anyone, find some old ones that point to mistakes in the English that haven’t been corrected since then.

Something like this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mzzSgH4sFArYbBBUpT7Rg1oMhstarUwHvVBM_nrM0EE/edit?usp=sharing. BOth languages don’t exactly line up, but near enough
Could you also extract the English one?

I must correct myself…

→ Here are the instructions for selecting the reference language from which you want to translate.

– > Set reference language

Start translations…


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messages.properties.txt (80,5 KB)

If it can help, I certainly want to do some proofreading of the Dutch translations. I’m native Dutch speaker.

Hello @husch

You can start proofreading in any language (preferably your native language) at any time.

Step 1 — > Go to —> https://poeditor.com/join/project?hash=4lYKLpEWOY
Step 2 —> Register and login
Step 3 —> Choose language
Step 4 —> Choose reference language and proofreading


Thank you, Hush, very welcome. The main things I have changed until now are important terms that I think could be translated (a lot) better:
Effecten (was: beveiliging)
Resultaten (was: prestaties)
Vermogenswinst (was: meerwaarde)

en op veel punten:
Koers (was: prijs)

And improved the language in many sentences.

I have basic knowledge, but most of it is rather new, and I am not daily talking or writing about these things, but I encountered a lot of obvious mistakes in the translation.
There are some good glossaries for dutch terms in financing. The most complete I found up to now is: De Financiele Begrippenlijst (https://www.dfbonline.nl/). There you can often also find a term through the English version.
I also encountered places where I doubt the English translation as well, therefore I asked to see the originals.


Nice. I’m also not a professional trader but started a few weeks ago with this software. And I would like to contribute.

I’ll take a look this week and will come back if I have any questions or suggestions.

Kind regards/vele groeten

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Tried to login and start but have to wait for approval.

Hi Arthur_Bueno,
You can also see the translations in a different language by setting the reference language.
For example, if you want to see the original German word, set the reference language to German.

I’ve looked at the first few pages and already saw some inconsistencies in naming the stock exchange markets. For example “Bremen Stock Exchange” is translated as “Beurs van Bremen” but “Bombay Stock Exchange” is left as the original. What do you think: translate them all; e.g. beurs van Bombay or leave them all at the original. The German “translation” has the same inconsistency.

I think German is the original and English is the translation.

I have a suggestion. Within poeditor I don’t see a way for productive collaboration, and doing everything in public through the forum also doesn’t seem very straightforward. So if you send a private email, to: bueno.tuur.arthur@gmail.com, I then will share with you the google doc that I kept during my small first translation session. We may use it in future as a collaborative document, while working on a satisfying Dutch translation of the software,. We could communicate in Dutch, which would make it faster and easier.

I’m famiiar with the software and community a few months now. My impressions up to this point are: this software is really very valuable, and could help out a lot of people. It got so good through the work of volunteers.
The main userbase is German, though. Translations in some languages (Dutch, at least) could be improved. Improving the translation won’t be a huge project, there are a few thousand lines only to look over.
I suggest we put our best effort in it and end up with a translation that we would be happy to work with, within a short period (should be ready in a few weeks, not at all a full time job, of course).
Anyone who knows better, after that, is welcome to improve our work, or join us.
What do you think?

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Oh, and important to say: the translation there is, done mainly by Andreas, is not a disaster, I was quite able to use it for the last months. There just seems to be room for improvement.
Andreas, you’re of course welcome to join us. If you like, send me an email as well.

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Actually, English and German currently are consistent (English: New York Stock Exchange etc., German: New Yorker Börse etc.); but it is up for debate whether those are (translatable) descriptions or (untranslatable) names.

The original Dutch translation was prepared by four people, presumably native speakers:

But that was almost four years ago. In the meantime, lots of new features have been added and some have been reworked, which means lots of additional or updated strings. Since that is likely to continue, maintaining a translation is never “finished”, either; but there will typically only be a few new strings per month or so.

OK, I will send you my private e-mail address. Collaboration will in fact be easier then.

I meant that for example (see first page) “Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (BYMA)” is translated as “Börse Buenos Aires (BYMA)” but “Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)” is left untranslated (could be Börse Bombay (BYMA).

It’s no big deal. My question was about translating them all or leave them in the (English) original.

I will team up with Arthur Bueno to see what we can improve for the Dutch translation.

Ah, those Yahoo labels; I had been thinking of trade calendars. Yeah, just do what you think is best.

Is there a way to know where a translation label is used in the UI? Right-mouse click, statusbar, log window?

For example (see image below) the term “Transacties” (dutch translation) is used in several locations.

In the POEditor they are mentioned as LabelTransactions, SecurityTabTransactions, …
I would like to know which one corresponds for example with the two instances from the “Alle transacties” menu.

Hello @husch
Oh dear… please correct with the correct translation on PoEditor.
Super, from you to support us so!