How to manage Italian Bond

Hi there,

I have several italian bond, and I’m looking for a guide about how to handle it.

I added manually my Bond, and after that, under “Securities accounts” I "bought the amount of my bond.

The bonds are purchased in multiples of one thousand (quantity) euros but the market value is loaded into the portfolio. So, I divided the market value by the the bond price to compute the “quantity”.

To add the “coupons” I used “Add Dividend” and I have to dived the coupon by the number of bond to spread the coupon on all quantity.

I don’t know if this is the correct approch.

Furthermore, since I use PP only for my investment, the “Deposit Account” is alway negative.

How can configure PP only to manage investments?

Thank for the help!

If Italian bonds don’t have any major special features (I don’t think so), treat them like any other bonds.

Use “Delivery (Inbound)” instead of “Buy”, and “Delivery (Outbound)” instead of “Sell”. But the coupon (in the workaround as dividend) is posted to the account. If you don’t want this money in PP, you have to make a withdrawal afterwards.

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