Import PP portfolio into another PP portfolio

Initially, I’ve created two PP portfolios (XML-files), one for each broker I use.
Now (:-(, I know that I can have two portfolios in one PP file.

Is there an easy way to combine both portfolios?

  1. Can I export the xml from both and combine this XML into one (there are no common securities).
  2. I know that I can export all securities from the second one as a CSV-file and import this CSV-file in the first portfolio BUT the historical data source (URL for JSON for example) seems to be missing.
  3. I can export all transactions from the first portfolio (CSV-file). However, it is unclear to me how to import this file? Should I use Account transaction or Portfolio transaction type in the import? And why doesn’t PP recognize the correct column headers since it is a PP export itself?



This is in german, but maybe it will help you

“Ich habe schon länger mal vor die Export Funktionalität komplett zu überarbeiten. Der Export über JSON tut schon, aber beim Import bin ich noch nicht so weit.”
“I’ve been planning to completely rework the export functionality for a while now. The export via JSON is ok, but I’m not so far with the import yet.”

The post is from 2020 - I guess Andreas hasn’t found time to proceed here yet.

Maybe it would help you if you drag’n’drop the securities from one portfolio-file to the other, as shown here:

Thanks @FoodFighter Your second tip works (the historical data & URL are copied).
It’s a little tricky to accomplish. For future readers of this post:

  • you have to open both PP portfolios; each in a separate tab (see image)
  • then you have to drag one of the tabs a little down
  • It will appear within the main window as a separate panel
  • Now you can drag the securities to the All securities label in the left sidebar.

Unfortunately, this does not work with (All) transactions.