Rebalance among asset classes with just cash (and not selling off any securities)

My rebalancing strategy involves not selling off any securities but buying more of asset classes with current allocation lower than the target allocation. For eg, if I have $20000 cash in a Deposit Account, I only want to use those $20000 to rebalance. I do not want to sell anything.

Is there any way I can do this with PP?

Yes, you need to include that deposit account in the classification and set the target allocation for it to zero.

Hey, thanks for the response.

That’s what I did but some asset classes (for which actual allocation is greater than the target) have positive delta value. This affects delta values of other asset classes with negative delta values (right now, sum of negative delta values ≠ cash in deposit account). What I want is only negative and zero delta values.

Let me know if you’d like me to explain further/better. Thanks again.

positiv delta values means you ought to sell shares, right?

my guess would be, that the amount of fresh cash is too small to balance your portfolio fully. My first thought for a workaround is, that you increase the amount of fresh cash until the positiv delta values disappear. Then you take the percentage allocation and distribute your money accordingly.

Wait for the next release. You’ll be able to manually exclude securities from the rebalancing. You would then need to deselect all securities that require selling.

Hi, seems like the new version is out. How to exclude securities from rebalancing? Thanks a lot!

There is a new column that you’ll need to add. You can then toggle the flag via double-click.

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It works like a charm, thank you!